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Dedicated to promoting the conservation of the natural resources and fostering the public understanding and appreciation of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge complex.
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Hello Friend,

Your refuge needs your help! 

I’m the president of a group of volunteers called Friends of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge (NWR).  We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the natural resources of your refuge, fostering public understanding and appreciation of your refuge, and assisting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in its mission.

Located just north of San Francisco, the San Pablo Bay NWR provides recreational and volunteer opportunities for birders and duck hunters, hikers and anglers, kayakers and bikers.  If you’ve ever driven Highway 37 between Novato and Vallejo, you’ve driven through the heart of your refuge. Your refuge also provides critical habitat for the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse, coho Salmon, and Ridgway’s Rail. And maybe most importantly, the salt marshes of your refuge sequester carbon and provide protection to our coastal communities as the climate changes and sea level rises.

My first request is for you to come out and visit your refuge. People protect things they love.  And I want more people like you to visit and come to love your refuge. Click on the “Visit and Explore” tab to learn about ways to enjoy your refuge.

My second request is for you to volunteer to help your refuge. Our group is always looking for volunteers and opportunities for volunteers. The old saying, “it is far better to give then to receive,” also applies to gifts of your valuable time.

My third request is for your hard-earned cash. Our group is small and efficient but we do have some expenses to cover, and we’re hopeful that we’ll grow and that you’ll be a part of that growth.  The easiest way to support us financially is to become a member.

Click on the “Support” tab to find out how to volunteer, donate, and become a member.

See you soon on your refuge!     

Justin Bodell

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